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Brenda Costa
South Windsor Showroom
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Manchester Showroom
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Complimentary Interior Design Services

design for your style

When re‐designing a room in your home, flooring is not the only thing that you consider. We know it takes time to bring together a room that speaks to who you are; all while staying within your budget. Since we know it's important to you—we now have two on‐staff designers to help you do this and the use of their expertise is complimentary to our customers.

Our design process

Our customers are very knowledgeable and they have definite ideas about their projects. When we work with a homeowner, it is a true partnership. They don't just want to hear our ideas, they want to be heard as well. That is where our ability to listen comes in and we try to come up with design concepts that will fit their need.

It's really a great experience to walk into a customer's house and see exactly what they are trying to accomplish. We can learn a lot about their design style by taking a quick tour of their home. We never want them to steer them too far away from their own style, we're just looking to enhance it.

We're able to help customers not only decide on the best flooring for their home but also help them decide on the paint for the walls, window treatments and anything else that would help them complete their project.

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